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Author Topic: Repair and Remodel  (Read 1161 times)


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Repair and Remodel
« on: March 25, 2007, 12:12:40 PM »
To all the folks out there that are smarter than me,
 Here is the story.A friend called me up last year and said"Hey,do you want a 31' travel trailer.My girlfriend needs to get it out of the trailer park that it is in."So I went to look at it.Not too bad I says to myself.Needs some cosmetic stuff.It will be great.How much money you ask?That was the beauty of this fine rv.FREE.Just get it out.So my brother,my son, my nephews and I went to work.Eight hours later my mobile castle was sitting at me casa.Upon further inspection we discovered some water damage in the rear bedroom.No problem.We rip the ceiling out expose the vent and find the problem.The theme song from the" Six Million Dollar Man" runs through my head-We can rebuild it,We have the technology.Three days ago a cataclysmic event takes place in Arizona,RAIN!!! What to my wondering eyes should appear but water in the galley.I destroy the galley and rip up the linoleum.I hate linoleum.I find rot at the bottom of the wall and floor.What should I do?
 OK.This is what I am thinking.I will let it all dry.Put down mold killer paint stuff called Killz and lay in a new floor without tearing out old floor or the walls.The water was coming from a window and the the water fill access hatch.I will pull out every window and hatch and reseal.Put the roll on roof stuff on the roof and when it is all done have a drink and play the lottery.
 If any one has some pearls of wisdom they should like to pass on I will gladly listen.If anyone has pictures of work that they have done in there rigs and you feel that it might inspire this idiot(me) please sent them.
 Thanks for indulging me.Tim
P.S.email -azmuddawg@yahoo.com