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Author Topic: Wired backup cameras  (Read 779 times)


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Wired backup cameras
« on: February 12, 2017, 11:57:59 AM »
OK I'm thinking about going the other way and getting a WIRED backup camera for my trailer NOT the coach which has one now.

The reason I'm thinking wired is because bumper to bumper is about 65 feet and, from what I've read that is at the far end
if not over the end of range for a wireless system.

Yes that will require me unhooking the cables when I unhook the trailer - but I have to unhook the chains and connector for the
taillights and brake lights etc., so one more cable is no big deal to me.

Running the wire from the back of the trailer to the front of it should be no problem.  Going from the back of the coach to the front
monitor will be a little more difficult.  I assume that the camera already at the back of the coach has it's wire run along the roof and
then, maybe run down a side pillar to get to the backup monitor in the dash that is already there.
Thinking I may go underneath the coach, up to the firewall and come in there near the monitor.  Will know more when Springtime gets here.

In the owners manual for the monitor (in the dash now) it states there are 3 inputs - so adding another camera should be no problem,
especially since when the trailer is connected, I would plan on only using the one, at the back of the trailer.

Has anyone gone the wired route? 
Where did you buy a camera?  I assume that all I would need is a camera, brackets, screws, sealant, and cabling to add another camera.
I MIGHT consider a new monitor too - but only if it was superior to the one I have now - which works OK.

With all the said ^^^  Am I barking up the wrong tree?  Have wireless units gotten good enough to travel that distance and work
as good as a wired system?  Last think I would want is an inconsistent system that flickers or turns off from time to time.
I plan to keep a camera on anytime the engine is running like the camera on the coach is now. Again I'm thinking WIRED is more reliable.
But that's why I'm asking this, because I'm not sure - and wanted to know if anyone else went with a wired system and how that worked out.

Thanks for any input - as usual.....
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Re: Wired backup cameras
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2017, 05:14:17 AM »
I got the system in my last coach from these guys:  https://www.tadibrothers.com/

They have both wired and wireless systems.
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