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Author Topic: Need to know the size of the Luan Plywood that it is used in the interior walls  (Read 833 times)


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My interior walls on the sliders are molded.  Need to replace them.  Any suggestions. It is a 2007 Laredo 315RL.
What size of the Luan Plywood.   Is it 1/32, or 4/32.  Also Height and width.
Do I have to remove the cabinets in the dining area or can I cut around them and replace the existing molded part.
Much thanks for suggestions.


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Measure it and see. You can probably get access at a light switch or other removable fixture. Failing that, drill a hole in an unobtrusive place. If it's only a small hole, insert an L-shaped metal rod (even a bent nail works). Pull it back tight against the inside of the plywood, then mark the outside on the rod, remove the rod and measure between the mark and the L.

I would remove the cabinets - it will be easier in the long run and a better job when finished.

If the molded curves are extreme, you may have to steam the plywood to get the bends needed without cracking.
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Just to be clear, when you say "molded", are you referring to having a mold (fungus) problem or the pieces to be replaced are molded (structural fit) around something?
I'm assuming the first one.
Pull a fixture or wall plate of some sort and measure the thickness. There's your answer.
And yes to removing the cabinets. The job will be a bit more intensive, but you should be able to see the full extent of the mold damage. You did find and repair the reason for the mold, right?
The new sheets will take a lot less cutting and easier to work with.
And when all is repaired and back together, you will know you did a good job.

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I had to replace the front section in my 22ft Fleetwood wilderness, and the front top cabinets were screwed in the walls from the outside !. sooooo..not as easy as some claim. I just measured and cut my side panels just enough to fit in behind the front edges and under the bottom, and called it good. then I was faced with how to trim the windows out ?. a good router works great here. water damage is a pain !. I had to gut the whole front end on my trailer. some careful planning , and it's pretty easy. I would assume newer trailers today have their cabinets screwed to the walls from the inside ?, no clue ?. but I know mine was screwed to the walls from the outside.
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OP, the panels are about 3/16 thick, and 4ft x 8ft, you can buy them at lowes, homedepot.
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