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Author Topic: Looking for advise/clarity on my tow rating numbers.  (Read 397 times)


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Looking for advise/clarity on my tow rating numbers.
« on: April 26, 2017, 05:20:45 PM »
Hello everyone. Newbie to towing/travel trailers here. First off great site I have been reading lots. Second off I apologize for the long post. I have been calculating my tow ratings for my truck/trailer and am looking for some advise/review of my calculations.

My current truck is a (new body style) 2007.5 Silverado 1500 vmax that is rated as follows. Vmax gives me an extra oil cooler, beefed up 4 speed transmission, 9.5" rear axle (similar to the 3/4 tons), and disk brakes all around along with 367 hp/375tq.

GVWR 7,000#
GCWR 14,000#
GAWR - rear 3950#
GAWR - front 3950#

Curb weight of 5100#
Curb rear axle weight 2062#
Curb front axle weight 3051#
Payload approx 1900#

My trailer weights are:

GVWR 7500#
Dry weight 5300#

Gear carried in the truck:

I will have 2 dirtbikes a generator, fuel etc in the truck bed that will weigh approx 700#
Driver plus 1 passenger should be about 300#
Random gear 100#
Fuel 200#

Total weight in truck = 1300#

So my calculations are as follows:

Loaded trailer (no water) 6500#
Gear loaded in truck 1300#
Tongue weight 15% of trailer 750#

Payload = 1300#+750= 2050#
Rear axle weight = 2062+750+(1300/2)=3462#
Front axle weight = 3051+(1300/2)=3701#
GCW= 6500+1300+5100=12,900#
Loaded truck weight= 5100+1300+750=7150#

My conclusion is that I can tow the trailer itself no problem but I am slightly overloaded with dirtbikes.

Does this make sense?

Seems to me I am slightly within most of my weights except payload which I am over by 150# and gross weight for the truck also over by 150#

-am I calculating my gross truck weight correct with fuel in the truck, including driver/pass weight, etc?
-am I calculating axle weights correctly by dividing the added truck weight over 2 axles?
-am I pushing the truck to close to its limits? Or should I just look to lose 150# in the truck?

Any suggestions or recommendations?

I have a 12,000# equalizer hitch.

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Re: Looking for advise/clarity on my tow rating numbers.
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2017, 07:34:26 PM »
I used to have a 2013 1500 Silverado w/towing package.  I used to have a TT that scaled 6,600#. That was as much as I would pull. I think you won't have a good time with what you described.
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Gary RV_Wizard

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Re: Looking for advise/clarity on my tow rating numbers.
« Reply #2 on: April 27, 2017, 09:33:35 AM »
I don't get your Payload calculation.  The tongue weight is closer to 12% than 15%, but 12% of 6500 is still  780#.  The truck won't break or explode, and will certainly move the trailer OK,  but you are still crowding the limits. I suspect you will find it a handful in any but ideal conditions.   Some people find it very uncomfortable/stressful to get pushed around by passing trucks or crosswinds. Others may just deal with it.
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Re: Looking for advise/clarity on my tow rating numbers.
« Reply #3 on: April 27, 2017, 08:06:55 PM »
First, welcome to the Forum!

Your calculations are basically correct.
The truck curb wt includes a full fuel tank, no passengers.
Hitch wt will be 10% - 12% of LOADED TT weight.
The truck load will be distributed between the front and rear, but the only way to really know how it is distributed is to get the truck weighed when loaded.  I believe you have enough room on each axle to be safe, but I'm just guessing, too.

As you said, and Gary echoed,  you are on the very edge of overloaded.  The truck will not self destruct due to this load, but you may be very unhappy with the way it handles.  The WD hitch will definitely help!
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