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Author Topic: BEST Wood Repair Product Available - Abatron  (Read 449 times)


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BEST Wood Repair Product Available - Abatron
« on: May 01, 2017, 06:14:56 AM »
Just wanted to throw this out there as a possible product for restorers to use.  It is THE most amazing wood fill and restoration product -- endorsed by the National Historic Preservation Commission.  The company is Abatron


They make a wide range of truly superior products - for wood, metal, concrete, plaster, and more.  They have expanded their products since I first discovered them. 

But as to wood restoration, their are two products.

One is a two-part liquid for hardening and stabilizing rotting wood -- after mixing equal parts, you just brush it on, working it into the loose, black wood.  I stabilized about 3 square feet of seriously damaged garage tongue and groove siding around a window and it turns the rotted area hard as rock.  This is the Liquid Wood.

The other product is Wood Epox, which is a putty.  You mix equal parts well and then use the putty to shape the fill as needed.  I used a gallon+ of this stuff repairing every kind of hole, chip, cut-out, damage imaginable on exterior my 90 year old house/garage a couple of years ago.  It drys by its own heat of reaction so can be used almost anytime.  You can shape it, sand it, grind it, carve it, stain it, color it, paint it, nail it, screw it.  You can apply it as thick as needed since it hardens from its own heat.  It is rock solid, and has a structural strength greater than wood.  Does not slump on vertical surfaces.  I filled in and reshaped the garage siding around the window with this after stabilizing the rot with the Liquid Wood.  Sanded it, then primed/painted and it will be good for another 100 years.

This is not your ordinary DAP or Bondo, which are essentially worthless in my opinion. 

I was thinking this stuff might be very useful for when someone discovers rot in framing or floors, which could be repaired without having to completely remove and replace the wood.  Pretty sure it is structurally safe, but you could always consult Abatron -- their customer service is tremendous. 

I've also used their Aboweld concrete repair kit and a nuclear bomb couldn't take out the resulting surface.  Somewhat a pain to work with however.

See some of the articles in Abatron's Blog section for pictures of before and after restorations.  You'll get an idea of what this stuff is meant to do.  Available on Amazon so you can read reviews there as well.

I'd encourage anyone needing repair products to look at their complete line of products.  Awesome stuff.  I notice now that their are some other seemingly similar products out there (Amazon) but I'd always pay extra for Abatron products.  Linda
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