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Author Topic: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Snokel at Balmorhea State Park  (Read 472 times)


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    • Two Tired Teachers
The other Tired Teacher and I were so excited.  We were going to be snorkeling in the middle of the high desert of West Texas.  Snorkeling in the desert!  How cool!

The other Tired Teacher dropped me off and went to park the car.  Both of the Tired Teachers wear glasses, and this Tired Teacher also has prescription sunglasses.  I'm not going to wear relatively expensive sunglasses in any pool, but I don't like the brightness of the sun.  We bought cheap sunglasses at Dollar General, and those are the shades for the pool.

As I walked into the spring fed pool area at Balmorhea, I reached into my swim bag and pulled out the cheap sunglasses.  I put them on and headed into the pool area.

People were staring at me.  I looked to see that I was covered properly.  (I didn't have parts hanging out that shouldn't have been hanging out.)  I was covered, yet people were giving me the once over.

The other Tired Teacher came in and broke out laughing.  By this time I was feeling pretty paranoid and a little angry.

I looked at the other Tired Teacher and said, "What is it?  Why are you laughing?" 

She giggled, "Take off your glasses."

I took the glasses off and saw the one of the lenses had popped out.


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     Wife and I use to snorkel there in 60-62.  At that time we built our own equipment from old bomber oxygen tanks.  Back then it was just a big spring and had tunnels that you could explore.  Went by there 5 years ago and did not recognize the place.

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