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Author Topic: Streets & Trips. Windows 10, USB Dongle, Broke-Fixed  (Read 305 times)

John From Detroit

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Streets & Trips. Windows 10, USB Dongle, Broke-Fixed
« on: May 20, 2017, 04:00:46 PM »
Yup. Microsoft broke the USB dongle for Streets and Trips, at least on Windows 10, Guess they want to sell you a new mapping program.. BUT..  Here is what I found

First: What killed it was nothing more than a driver update.. For years (Since 2013 or was it 2012 when I got S&T 2013 and the dongle) The dongle has appeard as COM-4 and worked perfectly. Even with older software that can not address com over 4.. (I have not yet fixed that.. However no longer an issue)

Multiple comuters.  Same dongle.. Suddenly about half an hour before I hit I-75 and stopped needing it to work.. NO GPS DETECTED..  the (*&%(^)*& Driver updated and the GPS switched from a COM device to a "Sensor" (new category of device).. No way to get it to work.

Well.. Googled a bit and for just under 12 bucks (Price will go up with time since it is priced in EUROS and.. Well. The dollar is about to weaken) 


the "Reverse" driver is the one you need.. I installed it.. fired up Win-S&T which said it found it (now com-6) but it was not getting data (Ok, dongle in wrong place.. Moved it and SUCCESS)

I am kind of happy cause there are two ways from where I am to my next stop. ONe I know well but it's miles out of my way. .the other .. Well I need to make a "pit stop" of sorts and see if I lost something in a restaurant or elsewhere. If i8n a restaurant then *i've another quick stop I may make.. (These are within 3 miles of each other) but it's miles shorter even with the stops.

OH. Was at HamVention yesterday.. Now in the Green County Fairgrounds (Xenia OH, where I'm stopping)

Traffic was a pain for many. I cheated and used Google and my brain, went the wrong way (on purpose) and avoided 90% or more of the backup... Facility however made up for it. The old arena was confusing even for people who know how to read maps.. The new one is layed out logically neatly, cleanly, with easy to figure out stuff.. In fact layout wise I have but one paperwork complai8nt. and that is just a few pages needed to be added to the "program"..  I hope they keep thi8s spot. it's fantastic and only 19 miles from where I park in this part of the country.. Oh and directions...

This is the basic set.. I followed a slightly differnet path

Turn right out the drive 17 miles turn left on to fairgrounds road. about 3/4 mile turn right into fairgrounds.   End of trip.   Other than a slight detour for food.. That was the reverse of the path home.. How slight? 1/2 block.
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Re: Streets & Trips. Windows 10, USB Dongle, Broke-Fixed
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2017, 11:02:00 AM »
Good info John, I may be going  down this road soon as the DW's 4 year old Win 7 laptop is showing signs of wear. We may not have a choice.
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