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Author Topic: its summer, RV PARKS ARE FULL, need help with resources to find RV rental lot.  (Read 529 times)


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Hello guys! I am new to the forum.  We, the family of four, decided to sell our house to downsize and bought 40 footer RV. It's summer, and I am having a hard time to find any lot for rent. All RV parks are full, and I could not find any promising ones. By thinking out of the box, I even searched for any lots for rent, and just asking around if they are open to renting it as RV lot. I would prefer the ones with hook ups. Does anybody have advice? Are there any resources that I could look up to expand the options? The problem is, it has to be at a specific location due to my kids' school. 20 minutes northwest of Austin, Texas. Thank you for reading!


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1. You could drive around some industrial areas and ask people directly
2.  If the kids are off for the summer than you can drive further out of town
3. Rent a small house with no RV parking restrictions
4. Check for state, federal and county campgrounds


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You don't specify exactly where you are, or what your acceptable radius is, but a quick online search shows 2  sites available for 14 days in a row at the Willis Creek COE campground just north of Leander, you will generally be limited to 14 day out of every 30 days at a COE campground, but 2 weeks is 2 weeks, plus it gets you past the July 4th holiday.  The 2 sites that are available starting tomorrow are both 30 amp only, back in, and 50 ft max length, rate looks like $22 per night.

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I'm assuming that you want to park it for a while. A friend of mine in Missouri asked at trailer parks, he found one that would let him rent on a month to month contract. I think he was paying something like $8/day. It wasn't the best situation that he could have found, but it was cheap, the people were nice and he was only there for a couple of months.
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Well, searching for a park within 20 minutes of the Austin metro area is definitely limiting. You are likely going to have to accept a longer commute to the kids school. And if you are looking for a long term site, it is going to be even more limited.  There is a Corp of Engineers park west of Georgetown that is nice, but I think there is a two-week max.

If there are mobile home parks in the area, check there as well.
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Can you get on some waiting lists at desirable parks and then find a place farther out to stay in while you wait for an opening?
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Soon after I retired from the AF I was hired by a company in Norcross, GA (just outside Atlanta). You pretty much had to have an RV to do the job. I had to attend a 6 week training course in Norcross. There were some rundown trailer parks close to the training but I didn't want to leave my wife in any of those all day. We booked A spot at Stone Mountain Resort. We could stay 14 days and then had to pull out of the entrance, make a u-turn and go back in. Worked for us. We did stay in a run down trailer park when I was a student at the University of Florida. Full hook-ups that included cable TV. I think we paid somewhere around $200 a month. I think if you do a little research you will find something. Might not be ideal but workable.


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Trailer parks and mobile home parks are your most likely places to look because they do not have a transient population like campgrounds and RV parks do.  Google "Austin Texas mobile home parks" and "Austin Texas trailer parks" and maps will pop up showing you the locations found by Google.  Austin is a big area so you might want to narrow it down closer by the name of the neighborhood, such as Spicewood, in place of Austin.


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