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Author Topic: Suggest a Warranty Service Center Near Los Angeles/Long Beach?  (Read 301 times)


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My ERA 170M is about 6 weeks old, and lots of minor stuff arrived not working. Winnebago hasn't exactly thrilled me with their quality control, but they are the only ones making a Sprinter with a slide-out right now, so I guess I'll have to make it right.

The YELP reviews on all the RV dealers in my area are terrible, and the service center at my selling dealership (Mike Thompson in Santa Fe Springs) has been infuriatingly bad in my limited dealings with them. (I should say, the sales team was decent...)

Please tell me there's ONE good service center in this cursed city that can handle warranty service on a new ERA...

Thanks for any advice you can offer...

John Canfield

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Re: Suggest a Warranty Service Center Near Los Angeles/Long Beach?
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2017, 07:29:03 AM »
Having lots of little things that need attention with a new unit is quite typical across the industry. My plan with our then brand new Horizon was to wait several months and accumulate a list of things that needed to be fixed and make an appointment for factory service. I was able fix several minor things (like better alignment of some bay door latches, etc.) My plan worked extremely well and factory service knocked out 99% of every issue we had (some problems cropped up later.)

As far as your situation, I have no clue about Socal dealers.  As a rule of thumb, assume all dealers have a lousy service department unless proven otherwise.  if you aren't willing to drive some miles to find a good dealer then you will have to pick the best available.

I'm extremely picky about who gets near our Horizon with tools, only Winnebago factory service for the house part and the Freightliner dealer in Tolleson (Phoenix) and Freightliner factory service in Gaffney, SC.
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