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Author Topic: Winnebago Minnie 2455 BHS  (Read 425 times)


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Winnebago Minnie 2455 BHS
« on: July 03, 2017, 10:07:16 PM »
Can owners of the Winnebago Minnie 2455 BHS comment on this unit? 
Are you happy with it?  Is it as well-built as Winnebago claims? 
How comfortable are you in it? 
How many of you sleep in it? 


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Re: Winnebago Minnie 2455 BHS
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2017, 07:29:53 AM »
Don't own one but... Winnebago units are generally well built compared to some others. This does not mean perfect or trouble free on a new unit as one expects from, say, an automobile. The RV industry does not seem to have the quality control that the auto industry does.
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Re: Winnebago Minnie 2455 BHS
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2017, 09:10:54 AM »
We have had one for 1 year (15 nights of camping). The family really likes it. I wanted the outdoor kitchen and I am happy (I also supplement it with a small BBQ). My passengers want to "glamp" and they are very happy.

We upgraded from a Keystone Bullet hybrid and I would say the build quality is the same (both are better than the average TT we looked at). Like all TT's it is the behind the scenes stuff causes the problems: a badly installed cupboard door that I fixed on the road, the DVD player wasn't connected properly, and the plumbing is awkward to access when you want to winterize/drain the system.

We only have a teenager so I had the dealer remove the upper bunk and double up the "kids" mattresses. The result is 2 very comfortable places to sleep 3 people.

We've camped during last year's heat wave and this years cold/wet spring/summer...the trailer is very comfortable in all conditions.

My issues (all pretty minor):
- You need to extend the slide 1 foot to get to the rear of the trailer.
- The black tank drain leaves a bit of residue after dumping. This is a design issue with the Minnies (ref. other thread on this topic) since they have an separate valve for it that is upstream of the grey. It doesn't bother me but if you have a weaker stomach, it might bother you.
- The fill port is on the passenger side of the trailer. This seems to be new TT thing and I am noticing parks are putting fresh water taps on both sides but you need to be prepared to use an extension hose to reach it (you also should have a "water pirate" on hand in case the filler hose isn't threaded).
- The fill tube is quite bent so it will back up when filling. I fixed this by taking an old hose pipe and cutting it up to give me 2 1-foot lengths with male/female threads. I attach one to the fresh water pipe and insert the end into the filler so the water is forced around the bend.
- There is a really convenient storage cupboard under the island next to the door -- we use it for pots, pans, and other stuff I need to cook outside. But they installed the cupboard door so you can't access it from the outside (where the chef resides). I am thinking about reversing it.

For a 7000lb TT, the dry weight is relatively high and the axles are a set further to the rear. This reduces your carrying capacity while keeping the tongue weight in the upper range for this class of TT. This could cause you towing issues depending on your TV.