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Author Topic: Holy Updagte Windowsman  (Read 236 times)

John From Detroit

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Holy Updagte Windowsman
« on: July 16, 2017, 01:02:40 PM »
Went to use this laptop this AM and it was lethargic more so than normal so I clicked on the power ICON instead of logging in and sure enough "Update and Restart" was an option (It usually runs slow when it wants me to update.. Should have done it BEFORE going to church.. 

Choose that option.. 3 HOURS later THREE HOURS.. Looks like Windoze installed a full new version (Creator Edition)..

I wish there were not a few thigns I need Windoze for... The Chrome book on the right, Greased lightening compared to this tank.

True story: Setting up the Chrome book (With a pre=existing G-mail account)
Sat down prepared for a "pack a lunch" set up session...

Turned it on.. It ask me for the Wi-Fi access point.. Choose the house router.. Fed it the house Pre-Shared-Key (password) it ask for my GOOGLE user name and password.. Had them handy as well, and it basically said "Give me a few seconds" and a few seconds later.. All set up and working, Bookmarks imported from the Toshiba (Chrome browser) And a whole bunch of other stuff as well.. I was running in just about 1 full Minute.. Or less.   Have done a few updates too.  Including the "Restart to update" types.. Always under a minute there as well.
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