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Author Topic: Onan Quiet Diesel 7500 Error Code 17 - Shuts down for few mins runs for 20 hrs  (Read 317 times)


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I have an Onan QD 7500, almost 3000 hrs. I normally can't start it without pressing and holding the Aux By-Pass button because the batts get too run down (it's not connected properly to the the main engine - it starts fine NP no matter how run down the coach batts get).  But it does start right up and runs without issues 95% of the time.  Sometimes, after being off for hrs, starting it in the morning, it runs for a min or two and dies - does this 3 times in a row - then it runs fine for 100's of hrs.  It doesn't blow any blue/black smoke (I saw it do it once for a few seconds right after I started it). Today it stopped running after being on or 20+hrs and I got an error code 17 (first time it ever just died that wasn't because I ran out of fuel or just starting up like mentioned) and I'd just filled the tanks last night so that wasn't the reason. Code 17 isn't listed anywhere and, after I pressed stop for a bit, it started right up and has been fine since.  Just now, 14 hrs later, it died again. I checked the red light and it's 17 again.  This time it wouldn't start and stay running.  It'd start then die a few secs later.  It did that 4 or 5 times.  Again, when I pressed "Stop" (to prime it I guess) it didn't work until I reset the breaker and then hit Stop, then it started and has been running again for hrs.   This morning when I checked under the hood, the oil fill & coolant caps weren't twisted shut/tight and the passenger side front of the genny has rusted so much so that I feel wind blowing through the rust.  I got my roll of 5 inch Gorilla tape and sealed it all the way around.  I've been changing the oil pretty consistently.  It's due for another.  I changed the fuel filter too - however I've not located a air filter yet (I didn't realize the part numbers were right on the unit - was having trouble finding the parts) I"m going to go on Amazon and Ebay - they have quality parts pretty cheap, order a bunch of kits.  I also wonder how important cleaning the spark arrester is.  WHY CAN'T I FIND ERROR CODE 17 AND WHY WOULD IT BE INTERMITTENT? CAN ANYONE HELP? THANKS, Vince
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Vince I also have an onan qd 7500, a quick Google search of error code 17...shows it may be the fuel pump.
Have you checked fuel level and make sure you have enough fuel?  It may be cutting out due to fuel starvation.
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Code 17 applies to older Onan 7500's, I think Spec F and earlier. It is a fuel pump fault.  It's still in the service manual  but has been eliminated from more recent editions of the owner manual because new model HDKAJ Onans do not give a code 17.

Get a service manual here and look up the 17 for more info:
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