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Author Topic: Cab A/C problem  (Read 300 times)

John Stephens

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Cab A/C problem
« on: July 28, 2017, 09:20:08 AM »
Has anyone ever had a desiccant bag explode in their evaporator/drier canister in the cab a/c system? My cab a/c wasn't blowing very cold so I had my mechanic check into it. He said the evaporator exploded and desiccant beads have migrated all throughout the a/c system, meaning I need a new evaporator/drier, expansion valve and a complete chemical flush before he can recharge the system. He told me this was going to cost $800 and it might not fix the problem if the beads worked their way into the condenser and/or compressor. He couldn't quote me a worst case scenario price because he says many of the parts that may be required must come from Winnebago instead of Workhorse.

I'm just wondering how expensive this might wind up being if the entire system has been contaminated.
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Re: Cab A/C problem
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2017, 11:10:03 AM »
Just FWIW- - - I have had  "similar" situations many years ago when I worked on automotive A/C.  On a few occasions I observed lots of desiccant in the outlet filter/screen of an orifice tube assembly .............. enough to plug it up.  I replaced the filter/dryer assy and the orifice tube assy then installed a residential (liquid-side) filter in the liquid line......had to get a bit "innovative" there.  Of course this meant that parts of the system; e.g., the compressor and condenser would possibly see "one pass" of some fine desiccant before the filter would catch it.  'Twas a gamble, that worked......but it sounds like your contamination issue may be considerably worse, unfortunately.

BTW- I cut a filter/dryer  assy apart once and the "drier" part was super "low tech" ............. a small  amt  of desiccant in a cloth-type bag tossed into the bottom  of the (approx 3" dia) aluminum assy.  Seemed to me that it was "designed to fail" with that bag rattling around in there.  >:(     The design may be different now.

Good luck with the fix, John ............ and safe travels.

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