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Author Topic: Looking for advice on getting a 4wd toad w/room for junk in the trunk  (Read 405 times)


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Let me first say hello and then ask for some advice

Call me Toaster (it’s a long story but that’s what most people know me as). I want to get a bus conversion, cram in my leatherworking studio, drive from art show to art show selling my wears to the 6 people who want them then packing up driving to another town finding another 6 people… wash rinse repeat. I want to do that within 3 years.

So that brings me to the next statement. I currently have 2 cars and neither one will work as a toad/business transport, that can bring me, the lady friend, a big dog, a table or two, a canopy, a cooler and merchandise to the markets and handle forest service roads and other assorted back highway shenanigans. So I want to take this time to get a 4wd SUV or light truck put a roof top tent on it start hitting the art show circuit taking the next 3 years to get a good grasp on what sells how and where. So the roof top tent is a must to allow for cheap/free camping as this is when the income will be the slowest. That brings me to… If I have to get a a car than I want one that will make a great toad and take the next 3 years to pay it off/down. I don't plan on buying anything that would cost me more than $15k to outfit it and it needs to have less than 150,000 miles on it

Here is what I have been looking at:
Toyota Tacoma, 4Runner, Lexus GX470. I know they need a drive shaft decoupler to be towed, is it worth it?
Jeep Grand Cherokee, Those 07/08 CRD diesels are neat probably not worth the hassle… I am sure a gas version would work too, just less neat.

I am not really a fan of american makes I feel they cost you more and give you less and have abysmal resale not that the car will be worth more than scrap metal when I am done with it.

I am thinking that a Jeep liberty, Rav4 or a CRV are probably just too small for what I want and then something much bigger than the 4Runner or Cherokee will be too big to get good mileage and be hard for an old bus to tow. I am looking for suggestions and advice on what to get, please help me. I am going to give myself 6 months to find a car, I won't let perfection be the enemy of good enough.

Thank you,
Toaster Jones


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Re: Looking for advice on getting a 4wd toad w/room for junk in the trunk
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2017, 01:32:33 PM »
We tow a 2009 Chevy Colorado 4x4.  Lite enough to be towed behind a gas MH, lots of storage in the bed of the P/U.
Al & Sharon
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