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Author Topic: 1998 holiday rambler battery wirer issu  (Read 229 times)


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1998 holiday rambler battery wirer issu
« on: August 05, 2017, 08:29:21 AM »
If anyone can help for this issue...

My uncle has a 1998 holiday rambler Endeavor(gas) , the coach battery is in the back compartment near the back right tires, he was fixing something underneath the Rv with a friend and his friend forgot to tighten back up the battery wires under the RV or what ever he was doing, wires leads all the way to the front, so it was loose underneath the RV, it got cought dont ask be how in the tire as he tried to drive away, ripping the wires right out by breaking them and lost power in the RV....

So i been trying to find a battery diagram for it, wanting to find where do the wires lead too?, its connected to the coach battery wich powers everything inside the RV, ...and from the battery, the wires .. red and black wirers lead all the way to the front of the RV, now my question is, do you think both wires red and black lead to an inverter?, no power is in the RV, his main battery can power up the RV but has no backup anymore do to the wires being ripped off from where ever they were, and 2005 holiday rambler diagram i found, both wires seem to lead to an inverter, just want to know where they lead too so my uncle can just buy the wires and hook it up himself instead of paying to get it repaired... i called to get a diagram from the company but they dont have it...

ill attach a picture showing the wires... left side leads to the coach battery in the back, right side leads all the way to the front, both wires he said are the same lenght, if anyone can help out thanks..