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Author Topic: New to the forum and planning on operating a business while living in an RV  (Read 504 times)

Joanne Rigutto

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Hi everyone. I'm soon to be new to the RV world. I recently sold my property and I'm planning on getting a travel trailer and pickup to tow it. I'm a graphic artist and work in both digital and some traditional media. When I get my trailer I intend to set it up as a live in studio. Do any of the RV parks have restrictions on operating a business out of your RV? My digital work is all send/receive online and the traditional media I work in is watercolor, gouache, graphite and small enough to mail flat or can be rolled in a shipping tube, so I'm not using hazardous materials like I would if I were molding and casting pieces.


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Many RV parks frown upon running a business out of your RV. But, if it's low key, they're unlikely to bother you.
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If you're not putting a sign out or having customers come to your site, you should be fine. Working online from your RV is not that unusual among both full timers and part timers. If you're doing some work outside on nice days, most folks would probably just think it's a hobby.
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You may even find some parks have a vendor day where residents and others sell there work. I do not know if you can or Do anything like that but it is a thought.
AS far as parks. If it contained inside your RV then no problem.

Make sure the pick up has enough payload to tow the trailer. The towing capacity is almost meaningless.

You are looking at payload 10--15% of the gross weight of the trailer will be on the pickup and that must be subtracted from payload. For example a 6000 curb weight trailer will probably weigh 7500 lbs when loaded. that puts about 1000 lbs payload on the truck. Now total what you are going to put into the truck.  You will probably be over 1500 pounds of payload easy.
Remember a salesman will sell you anything for a commission he wants to feed his family he does not care about you, he is not your friend, and the best I can say is most are ignorant of towing requirements. RV salesman are the worst
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Gary RV_Wizard

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As others have said, doing remunerative work while inside your RV (or even sitting on the patio) is not an issue in any RV park as long as it is unobtrusive in sound or aroma.   However, actually conducting public business, i.e. displaying advertising, receiving customers, or showing your products, is likely to be frowned upon or outright prohibited.  A very few places won't even allow vehicles with ad placards on the side.
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Oscar Mike

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We are in the final stages of setting my wife's office up in our RV. She is the accountant for the family business, and I am retired. She can do her work in a few hours each day without being a bother to anyone.

Rene T

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We have a craft day at the CG we stay in in FL. 3 guys (friends) each have a small lathe and they make pens, pencils,  yoyos, bottle stoppers etc.  right outside one of their RV's. No one bothers them. It's a hobby. Another lady paints pictures of pets and whatever.  They sell their stuff at the craft fair. That's the way my CG looks at it. It's not bothering anyone.
I guess the best/safest thing to do would be to contact the CG you want to stay in and be honest to them as to exactly how your going to operate.
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Joanne Rigutto

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Thanks everyone for the great answers! Especially on the vehicle requirements. I'm still shopping for a used travel trailer and probably won't be buying one until the fall when the prices are better. I'm currently staying with friends who are letting me operate at their place. All of my advertising right now is word of mouth. Although next year I'll probably start having a booth at dog shows, horse shows, and equestrian events, the bulk of my advertising will still remain word of mouth and over the web. I don't plan on having any kind of signage on the truck or trailer unless I'm at a show.


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Hi everyone. I'm soon to be new to the RV world. I recently sold my property and I'm planning on getting a travel trailer and pickup to tow it.

We are a great place to get advise on what Truck you will need to pull the trailer you require  ;)  Whatever you do, don't listen to ANY RV or Truck salesman, they have a reputation of misleading people.  And with you being New to the RV world, be cautious.