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Author Topic: Winnebago Rialta telescoping bathroom/shower  (Read 733 times)


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Winnebago Rialta telescoping bathroom/shower
« on: August 24, 2017, 11:46:46 PM »
This unique bath/shower design has won awards I believe.  At first I was wondering how this could work, only to discover once I bought my Rialta how roomy and functional it really is.  My previous RV had a separate toilet room that was so confined, you had to open the door to disrobe. The Rialta's is actually bigger.  Once the floor panel is removed it reveals the sunken shower pan.  Again, beautifully made.  There are a set of curtains that split in the middle.  You will want to keep the door propped open so the toilet paper holder doesn't hit you in the backside.  (I use the floor panel to hold it open.) 
If you have your soaps, cloths, and shampoo at the ready and move fast, you can take a normal shower with the small Atwood's 4 gal. capacity.  Bear in mind the water is super heated so the mixing process stretches it quite far.  Anyhow, plenty of room in the shower and your entire toilet area gets washed and rinsed in the process (always clean!!!).  I usually let the chamber drip dry for a while and then gently towel dry everything, fold the curtains up, and stow them.  Floor panel is put back (make sure floor is thoroughly dried) and push the two thumb buttons and put the bathroom away.  It is quite unique.
IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: The shower drains via an electric pump.  The suction is amazing but one needs to make sure the inline filter screen is cleaned out.  If the shower isn't draining faster than you can fill it (normal suction) the screen needs to be cleared.  The shower water DOES NOT DRAIN TO THE GREY TANK. It drains to the black tank which gives you more boon-docking capacity.  Most Rialta owners don't give that shower a chance but it sure is nice to have.

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Re: Winnebago Rialta telescoping bathroom/shower
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2017, 08:45:08 AM »
Thanks for the helpful info Paul. The shower in our last sailboat drained into the bilge with no screen to catch hair, etc. I plumbed in an electric shower drain that had a good size strainer which worked really well.
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