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Author Topic: Anyone tried using a one-room Split System ductless heat-pump A/C on an RV?  (Read 944 times)


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I saw a YouTube video of one mounted to a tow-behind trailer and most of the comments were all about how quiet it was and how well it worked.  I feel that most  likely they were pulling power from a land connection.  I am trying to find the most practical way to provide A/C for sleeping at times when there is no 120 V power outlet at hand.  While driving, the front and rear A/C work great for the the whole van.   I was just thinking that a small one-room split-system might be a logical way to handle the problem if i can find one with a small enough "starting-amp" load.  The only problem then would be noise from full time running of the generator.
This project of mine started out as a 2005 Savana 1500 High-top and we are hoping to end up with a "Miniature RV" or close to it .  For the trip we are planning, it will need some kind of A/C for sleeping and we hope to be 'boondocking' at least some of the time.  Having a noisy generator running all night to provide power to keep the A/C working doesn't sound like much fun.   Especially when the generator may only be needed for that one purpose.
Heating of all types; cooking, water and interior air in cold climates is easy enough to handle with Propane.  Only Cooling presents a real problem.  Appreciate any insights from anyone here who has already tackled this issue.

Along that same subject, I would appreciate any recommendations on a small power efficient refrigerator that can work from a power inverter.  Or maybe even better run on 12V to start with

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I'm confused about your question.  Whether the a/c is a residential type split system or a clunky old RV roof mount, you still need to run the genset non-stop to power it. There ain't no free lunch. The best you can do is to get an inverter-type genset so that it can reduce rpms when the load is light and thus reduce noise levels somewhat.

A mini-split system places the compressor unit outside, but so does an RV roof unit. However, the split system isolates the compressor module somewhat better if you can place it on the trailer tongue or maybe even outside on the ground if you can figure out how to make it portable.

If you were perhaps thinking that you could use an inverter and battery power for an a/c. that is highly impractical. You would need several batteries for even a short a/c runtime.
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Mini-split or regular rv unit you will still need to run the generator full time.  What is currently running the rear ac unit?  Can you run that from a generator when the van is parked?

For refrigerator look at 12volt marine compressor units like those from Novakool.
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