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Author Topic: Freightliner S2RV Chassis  (Read 346 times)

Oscar Mike

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Freightliner S2RV Chassis
« on: September 08, 2017, 09:23:59 AM »
My motorhome search is getting down to brass tacks. I am looking at Class Super C motorhomes. I began looking at the Dynamax DX3, moved to the Dynamax XL and the Renegade Verona LE, and the 2018 Jayco Seneca, all in the Triple Slide floor plan. All the above chassis are variations of the Freightliner M2 chassis.

The Seneca has moved to the S2RV chassis which I have been reading about the past few days. The Seneca is using the 360 HP/800 ft lbs of torque version of the engine. The engine sits lower in the chassis giving the driver and passenger seats a flat floor area, there is no dog house in the 2018 Seneca. The Seneca also has a 100 gallon fuel tank center mounted between the frame rails with a driver's side fill.

The Dynamax and Renegade are still on the Freightliner M2 106, or the M2 112 chassis, which are strictly heavier duty truck chassis with saddle tanks.

I am wondering what, if anything the S2RV chassis is giving up, I should mention that the Jayco Seneca 37TS runs a solid 100k plus under the Renegade Verona LE or the Dynamax XL 3800 TS.

I know why the Jayco is so much less expensive, linoleum compared to ceramic flooring, and so on and so forth. But not really knowing the brand (Jayco) except for that which I read, opinions are on both sides of the manufacturer. Some folks love them, others not so much.

So.... I wanted to ask opinions from the folks here their opinion on the Jayco Seneca Brand. I have a tentative meeting to go to a dealer this afternoon.

Gary RV_Wizard

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Re: Freightliner S2RV Chassis
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2017, 09:46:17 AM »
The S2RV chassis-cab is built by Freightliner Custom Chassis rather than Freightliner Trucks and is designed to be an RV chassis, so in that sense is superior to the M2.

Jayco used to be a top-tier RV brand, but my perception has changed after reading a variety of complaints from owners over the past 5 years. Becoming a division of Thor doesn't inspire great confidence in me either. That said, this is all my perception and not any actual experience with the brand.

As for the $100k price difference and the construction differences that implies, make you own call.
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