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Author Topic: Enclosed trailer with 70 AMP box. (Two poles) how to charge converter/charger?  (Read 211 times)


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I have a 70 AMP box two poles fed by 220 AC 50 amp plug in. I need to power my 45 AMP converter/charger . This will eventually charge two golf cart batteries. Should I just wire both 20 amp poles to it (converter)? Or just one and run a couple outlets off the other pole ? And what are my options (max) for what size breakers to run ?

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The converter/charger is a 120v device and probably requires less than 15A to operate. The "45 amp" refers to the max DC output, not the incoming 120v demand.

Can you please elaborate about this "70 AMP box"? Is this a load center with a 70A main breaker and multiple branch circuits? Are those "20 amp poles" you mentioned branch circuit breakers? You probably do NOT want to power anything from the two hot wires of the 50A shore source, since that would apply 220v and few RV components are designed to run on that. Most all RV appliances and components that use shore power are 120v only. You get 120v from the shore cord by connecting to one of the hots and the neutral wire.
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And forget to use a ground wire for the circuit!
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