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Author Topic: This week's repairs (Done thankfully)  (Read 195 times)

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This week's repairs (Done thankfully)
« on: September 28, 2017, 06:26:08 PM »
The controller for my main (Power gear) slide has failed.  Technician and I can not even find the blasted thing.. So between yesterday and today I got the rest of what I needed and

1: Pulled a communications wire across the RV this has nothing to do with the slide (different project) but since I am working in the same area  I decided to save future labor.

2" Pulled 10GA stranded from slide out circuit breaker to slide motor area.. Across under a cabinet, into the utility channel, down into the wet bay and along the cable path.

Also pulled control wires from the control panel DOWN to same cabinet and along the same path (Circuit breaker is in bottom of cabinet)

Got it all hooked up today, two 5-pin automotive relays (SPDT) with sockets

Wired so at rest both sides of the Slide out motor are grounded. Pressing switch pulls in ONE relay transfering it to the POSITIVE (Battery lead 10ga) 

Got it all hooked up and .. Nothing  (More on that later)  Got it to work .. Wired backwards (Ok planned for that so swapped motor leads)  now to trace the nothing which returned.

Turns out the manual lock out switch (key switch is also iffy.. Moving the panel to work on the rockert switch broke it,, Piece of low cost stuff.  Jumperd it and EVERYTHING WORKS.. Yippie)

The circuit is easy to describe

The rocker switch gets power from the RV"s lockout systems (Ignition and key switch) I bypassed the key switch since the real purpose of it is child safety and there are no children in this rig.. I do have a replacement switch but different physical size.   It feeds the relays (two Automotive like they use for Air Conditioning and such)

The relays. Normally closed contact is GROUND,, Normally open is Battery (Via the breaker) and the moving contact is MOTOR. one relay per motor lead.

Planned improvements:  Limit switchesk, these will go in the relay ground leads.. Full in or out the thing will auto-stop as the relay looses ground.

Next job.. My inverter is not working and I'm not up to fixing it so I'll put in a temporary inverter.  This job should take less than an hour.. Manual transfer already in place
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