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Author Topic: Wheel Speed Sensor issue with MB Sprinter's  (Read 140 times)


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Wheel Speed Sensor issue with MB Sprinter's
« on: September 29, 2017, 11:20:08 AM »
Wheel Speed Sensor Troubles?
Don't you think we should contact MB as a group. This is a real problem for us. We have paid dearly for our MB based MH's but comprise only a small percentage of their Sprinter sales. Winni built these MH's within the guidelines set forth by MB so a band aid remedy should not be acceptable.  I have had two rear wheel sensors replaced under the emissions warranty but my rig looses that protection in March of 18. My right rear went bad @ 21k my left @ 21,500 on my 2013 rig. If everyone who has had a problem in this group and other Sprinter and rv groups would email me their stats or even better if a lawyer would pick up the gambit, with location, year, millage (at time of issue), name and vin, I will compile info and write a letter to MB USA requesting a review of our issue. Together we will have much more clout than individually. 
Stephen   2013 V J 22K, LI. NY.
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