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Is anyone using a VPN?

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If you don't know what a VPN is, you most likely are not using one. With the recent news releases that some hackers have found a deficiency in WPA2, I found it reasonable to add a layer of protection.  Anyone else?

I was using one for a couple of years. I found that some web sites wouldn't load when the VPN was activated. My browser would also slow down at times. But the reason I gave it up was it didn't load automatically like it was supposed to. I may look for another VPN company.

I am using Norton, as they already had my virus protection. I considered dropping it when W-10 came out, but better safe than sorry. And some of the recent hacker attacks just go to show that the threat is still out there.  So far I haven't noticed any degradation in performance since implementing it.

I use IPVanishVPN.  Good speed, good support, but not the cheapest.

WPA2 with AES encryption and using a "STRONG passphrase" is the best way.  The only way WPA2 has been hacked is by brute force password guessing.  A strong passphrase goes a very long ways in guarding against such an attack.
I'm not wireless network engineer but have 21 years as a wireless network admin in a university environment.  Cracking a strong passphrase is next to impossible.
Most times folks just give away their passwords to spammers in emails and web pages.  Home networks are not a big target.  Big corporations that have a lot to loose are the targets.


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