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Onan Marquis 7000 Dies Under Load

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Ernie n Tara:
Carb is probably a good bet, but I'd check the gas lines first. A pinhole leak or collapeed line can result in the symptoms you describe.


Lou Schneider:
Does the engine cut out like the ignition is being switched off, or does it stumble a bit and then die?

The first points towards possibly being ignition or control board related, the second carburetor or fuel delivery, since it takes a second or two for the fuel level to drop in the carburetor bowl before the engine fuel starves.

Don't forget the engine is at full throttle when you start it, until it comes up to speed and overcomes the intertia of the flywheel and generator armature.  The difference is the choke is fully on at startup, which can mask a carburetor problem.

Try holding the choke partially on while adding the load and see if the engine responds differently.  If it does, it indicates a carburetor problem.  If it still immediately cuts out, it may be the control board cutting out the ignition.


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