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Onan Marquis 7000 Dies Under Load

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Do what Gary said and run at least 2 gallons of gas and a rich mix of sea foam and report back. ;)

Hey Guys,

Here's an update... I ran a couple of gallons of fuel and carb cleaner though the system, hasn't helped. I am going to break down the carb this weekend and I need to identify the precise carburetor I have.

Dont do the carb,  do the fuel pump first.  This was the same problem I had, and the pump fixed it.

Here is the service manual. Section 6-23 has an exploded view of the carburetor.
Note, the high speed fuel mixture adjustment screw (altitude adjustment) has a small "O" ring on it. If defective, it will allow the fuel bowl to drain when the generator is not being used. Making for a hard start after sitting.

Hey Everyone,

Here's an update...

-Installed new fuel pump.
-Installed new clear inline fuel filter.

Same problem, runs like a kitten until put under load and then it dies immediately.

Next Ideas:
-Carburetor Rebuild
-Replacing brushes (Does anyone have exploded views or diagrams showing the location? Instructions?)
-Replacing Control Board.

Thanks ahead of time for any advice.


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