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Author Topic: Remodeling my '73 Dodge Beaver  (Read 404 times)


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Remodeling my '73 Dodge Beaver
« on: November 05, 2017, 04:19:18 PM »
I've decided to take this thing on. No experience. But it should be fun, right?

Runs well and it was cheap. I'm not going to get carried away and drop a lot of money and time into this. I just want something I can throw the dog and bikes in and take off camping or a few days to a few weeks.

Of course, once I got it home and took a good look, I realized it was in worse shape than I thought and it was probably a mistake. But, I 'm going to keep going.

The roof has been leaking for awhile and was sagging. I taped and resealed the roof. I'm happy with that. I'm fairly sure it is now waterproofed. Then I tore out some of the inside headliner and made a support rafter to sister up next to the old one. I did this twice. The roof feels more solid. I'm re-insulating with foam board.

I'm planning to take out the old refrigerator and some storage space and reconfigure although those plans are in flux.

I'm also planning to take out the bathroom. I KNOW. YOU THINK I'M CRAZY. But, I've never liked the idea of peeing and pooping inside such a small space. Even at home I always pee outside. I think I'll opt for a portable camp toilet of some kind.

Currently I'm working on the electrical system (Get it? Little pun there!) I plan to replace the original lights with LED's.  I have questions about the built in converter that I will ask in another post.

Thanks for reading. Comments welcome.

Lance F. Barker
1973 Dodge Beaver
Kona Kikapu mountain bike + bike trailer
Plumas County, CA