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Author Topic: Need ideas for how to clamp down tonneau cover with Brophy Tie Downs on  (Read 464 times)


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Hi All,

I have my truck camper off the truck and stored away for the winter.  I want to leave the Brophy tie downs clamped to the truck so that I don't need to try to put them back on in the spring.  However, with the Brophy system on, I'm having trouble putting on the tonneau cover.  The clamps for the cover are in the exact spot as the Brophy hardware.  I see a place on the Brophy that I can clamp to, but I would have to extend the bar of the tonneau clamp in order to do it.  Does anyone have any creative ideas as to how I can accomplish this.  I'm hoping to get the cover on so that snow doesn't sit in the bed of the truck all winter.

Thanks so much for the help.  I can provide pictures if anyone thinks it would help them understand what I'm talking about.

Take care,