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Author Topic: Four Wheel Campers 2011 Keystone pop-up truck camper loaded w/ many options $20k  (Read 247 times)


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i'm selling my four wheel campers keystone truck camper. it's in great condition and hasn't seen that much use. most of its life it's been in the garage. (only the camper is available -- the blue truck in the photos is already sold)

here is a very detailed full tour video i made going over everything it has:


please see this link below for all the details of what it has:


i'll take $21k for it with everything except the compost toilet (you can have the original cassette toilet which wasn't even filled up once). please watch the youtube video above to see that it's in excellent condition and barely used. this is also a rare model as FWC is no longer making the larger Keystone model and it has many custom options not found in other FWC's.  Four Wheel Campers is raising their prices this month too, making this even a better deal.

*** HOLIDAY SALE *** purchase it or commit to buy by making at least a 50% deposit within the next month or so and i'll take $1000 off -- you can have everything except compost toilet for $20k !!! this is a fully loaded camper that was barely used !

you can respond to this ad or write me here to buy it:  http://markmarano.com/contact/


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