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Author Topic: Remco Indicates to Ignore Owners Manual Restrictions to Tow 2004 Honda Accord  (Read 925 times)


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Since we are now paying for our new to us 2015 Tiffin Allegro 36LA, I'd like to tow our '04 Accord 4 down for now.  Despite it's age the car is in great shape and I'd to avoid making another payment.  The owner's manual gives instructions on emergency towing but indicates not to exceed 50 miles. 

Remco indicates the following disclaimer:

•Officially from both Honda and REMCO the vehicle is not towable. However, we at Remco have a large number of customers who are flat-towing that vehicle behind their Motor Home and they are not having any issues. Follow the "Emergency Towing" procedures in the owner's manual to a "T" except ignore the restrictions and follow those procedures each and every time you tow. NOTE: If you choose tow your Honda, and have any damage to the Transmission as a result, you will have to pay for that expense out of pocket. It is nothing that Honda or Remco will warranty. Also, it should be noted that Remco sells no aftermarket product (Lube Pump or otherwise) to make this car towable.

So basically they are indicating to ignore the 50 mile limitation.  Has anyone else had a similar restriction indicated by their owner's manual and had Remco indicate to ignore it???  If so what was your experience???  Has anyone towed an '04 Accord???  Open to any other thoughts or suggestions too.
Phil Petraglia
Pittsburgh, PA

2015 Tiffin Allegro 36LA

Gary RV_Wizard

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No worries. People have been towing older Accords and Civics for many a year. Honda even publishes instructions - they just don't promise to warranty the transmission under those circumstance.  American Honda issues this statement:

We are not aware of any particular problems being caused by towing any 1988 or prior year Honda/Acura automobile, with either manual or automatic transmission, with or without power steering, regardless of towing speed or mileage.

1989 and subsequent model year Honda/Acura automobiles have minor changes to the automatic transmission. If a 1989 or subsequent model year Honda/Acura must be towed with the front and all four wheels on the ground, we recommend the following before towing:

Check to be sure the transmission fluid level is full.
Release the parking brake.
Start the engine.
Shift the transmission from Park to Drive.
Shift from Drive to Neutral.
Turn off the engine; leaving the key in the Accessory (I) Position
Make sure the radio and all accessories are turned off.
NOTICE: The steering system can be damaged if the steering wheel is locked. Always leave the key in the Accessory (I) Position to prevent damage to the steering system when towing behind another vehicle.


We do recommend starting the engine and shifting the automatic transmission, if so equipped, through the gears approximately every 500 miles and shifting from Drive to Neutral before shutting off the engine.

For all manual transmissions automobiles, release the parking brake, shift the transmission to neutral, and turn the ignition key to the Accessory (I) Position to release the steering wheel lock. Make sure that the radio and all accessories are turned off.

Although experience has shown that the Honda/Acura transmission and powertrain are capable of being "motorhome towed", American Honda does not assume responsibility for any towing vehicle, lighting hookup, or other towing equipment or towing procedures. And responsibility for these items is assumed by the Owner/Operator.

In more recent years Honda limited this tow advice to only CRV and Fit models, and then dropped them as well when it switched to  CVT transmissions instead of traditional gear technology.
Gary Brinck
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Wow, this is very helpful Gary!  It's an '04 Accord with 133,000 miles on it so I'm not worried about the warranty.  It's in great shape and we really love the car.  We'll drive it until it dies!  I just was hoping I did not have to buy a toad at least for a while and your answer did it for me!

Thanks to you and some many others who contribute to this forum!
Phil Petraglia
Pittsburgh, PA

2015 Tiffin Allegro 36LA


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I owned a 2002 Acura Tl and of course the manual said no way to flat tow.  I called Acura and they said yes it can but they don't put it in the manual.  I said fine, then pls send the instructions in writing on Acura letterhead.  By golly, got the ltr within a week with instructions.


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2003 Accord, probably towed it 10-15K miles over the past 5 years.  The key is once it is hooked up, start it, put it in drive for several seconds, then go to neutral and turn ignition key to engine off position (but no steering wheel lock, which you won't be able to do anyway, since it's not in park).  You must go from drive to neutral, not from reverse to neutral. 

(So now as I look back, I see I just basically duplicated the instructions Gary already posted.  Oh well, repetition never hurts.)  :D
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The instructions, in the owners manual, for towing my 06 Honda CRV are exactly what GARY posted above. 
Gary Alexander
2014 Thor 28z
Waxhaw, NC