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Author Topic: getting my 18 winnie drop 170k back from the dealer - warranty repair. badesign?  (Read 510 times)


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getting a new kitchen (rear) door. it bowed at the bottom. some could say it was abuse, but I say its bad design by the winnebago folks. if  a door is this big, and there is a keyed lock in the middle and latches at the side, chances are, the whole thing wont work right, and it will bow. put reinforcements in doors this big!!! or DONT put the seam on the bottom. the dealers and I are scratching our heads. other than that, the TT seems ok, and well thought out. Id recomend it, but watch out for the big back door.

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We are kinda happy with our Winnie Drop. Just hope the most recent repair has fixed the window leak.
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