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Truck and Northern Lite
« on: January 17, 2018, 09:59:52 AM »
Truck ~  NL slide in Camper

I need to mention that I am a very meticulous person having attended Culinary School in Switzerland were they teach you the Art of being "OCD"...
Too many surgeries lately and will be going on for a couple of years. I cannot see this camper sit in the driveway for that long! Bittersweet for sure....

We will start with the camper.

A 2014 [bought in July] Four Season Northern Lite 9.6 SE Q. If "10" would be a grade for a brand new camper [and truck] this combination for sale is a "9".
Starting from the exterior roof, the vents, exhausts, skylight, all have been caulked yearly with self leveling caulking, the last time being 9 months ago. The side windows also were done with a different waterproof caulking at the same time. I have removed some of the side graphic. Just a matter of taste. On the rear ladder is attached a "Trasharoo". A great invention! You leave home with wood in it, burn it while camping and use it for your trash when you come back. The camper [and truck] have been regularly washed and waxed. Everything including the side and rear [electric] awnings, legs [remote controlled] are in perfect running mechanical condition with all instructions and original paperwork stored in a plastic folder. The two slide out propane bottles have an automatic switch over when the first one is empty. I always refill them and not exchange them.

Inside. All the wood has always been first dusted and on oiled. The floor is linoleum covered with a removable Northern Lite carpet yet has never been stepped on as always covered by my own rugs [2 layers] and a large towel by the entrance. Shoes have always been taken off. The same for underneath the dinette, dinette which itself has always been covered. The foam [4 pieces] of the dinette has been changed to the highest quality foam available making it much more comfortable than the original. As the floor, the dinette cushions have always been also covered. Same with the mattress, a full size Queen. It has been changed to a Serta iComfort mattress called "soft firm", incredibly comfortable. It is about an inch taller and yet allows for the cabinets to open easily. The original bed spread never used is also included. All the LED lights work perfectly. So does the music system [DVD~ Radio 4 speakers with remote], used maybe one hour? The television [with remote] also has been used maybe one hour? In the galley, the bottom of the sink always has been covered with a silicone mat as to keep scratching it to a minimum, water stain never allowed to dry. The stove top always cleaned after cooking and the oven has been used also maybe an hour at the most. The refrigerator~freezer are AC/DC/Propane and in perfect condition with mirrors as face plates. My favorite is the "wet-bath" meaning the bathroom is cleaned every time one takes a shower. The curtain could be by now changed after three and a half years yet still very usable. 18,000BTU forced fan heater works perfectly and so does the air conditioner which can be run by a 2000 Honda Generator [included] if dry camping and needed with its filter always cleaned. There is a 2.5G Rotopax fuel container in the bed of the truck between the camper wall and truck rear side wall. On each side the water hoses, black tank hose are also stored with a couple chairs. Trust me that the heater and air conditioner are overkill with their efficiency! Both running on low is very adequate. The electric panel has a battery voltage indicator which means you don't have to go outside with a voltmeter to check the battery status. I have replaced the "cheap" batteries with one 140 amp/h sealed battery, a voltage regulator on the inside of the outside battery compartment panel which itself can be hooked up to two 120W flexible solar panels which each only weigh 4 lbs [stored on the rear seat of the truck] and each have a 30' extension meaning you can dry camp parked in the shade and have the panels in the sun on the ground. I personally never liked solar panels on the roof. The inside inverter which is turned on and off with a push button is 300W connected to an electrical strip of outlets velcroed to the far end of the table still allowing for the table to be brought down in case an extra bed was needed. The inverter is plenty adequate for all electronic gadgets. There is no mircowave. Even having been a Chef for over 50 years I always refused to use a microwave, again personal preference.

The tanks are cleaned. The black water tank has always been counter flushed with fresh water when emptied, flushing system included with the sale.

For more information such as "double pane windows", "7' slide out tray" in the "heated" basement" and more you can always refer to the Northern Lite website.

The truck.

It is a 2000 Ford f350 7.2 Turbo diesel XL 4x4 with "progressive lockers" [I had have installed] and four doors. Air bags in the rear which makes the handling a dream. It is the much sought after International Engine which they say [emphasize on "they say"] should go a million miles. It is designed to go long distance meaning to not be used for a 4 miles round trip to the store! It has 163,000 miles. Never a problem. Semi synthetic oil~filter changed every 5000 and fuel filter every other time. It is a very strong engine and the truck rides softly but firmly with new shocks and All Terrain wonderful tires which have still half a life to go. Two brand new batteries a month ago [you always want to change both at the same time], a protective bar in the front with 4 Hellas. Yellows connected to low beams and white to high beams. Lights have been properly adjusted as to not blind incoming traffic. The camper sits on a 2" hard foam recommended by Northern Lite. Has the great tie downs with springs in the front and solid in the rear. The camper is perfectly centered [not by sight but by measurements] and has 2 x 4's wrapped with carpeting by the wheel wells for it not to move. It has a 36" towing bar extension with a 2" ball for trailering if so needed. The cab is completely manual [windows/locks] except for the automatic transmission with overdrive . The paint is good besides of course a few nicks here and there. No rust and the bed does have a liner to start with before the camper was installed.

$40,000 for both including solar and generator. We can somehow work on the delivery. We are in Alamogordo New Mexico.

Please pm me if iinetrested.


PS: somehow I am not able to post photos! I can email them to you if inetrested.


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