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Author Topic: Pulled the trigger on a AF 992  (Read 229 times)

Brokeass Boater

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Pulled the trigger on a AF 992
« on: January 19, 2018, 09:11:43 PM »
First of all thanks to the folks that answered my questions in the last month. It's much appreciated. Had to drive to Spokane from N. CA. and got a deal on the rig that I wanted. I just got home with it and it needs a good wash after traveling through some rain. The 10' full wall slide really opens it up and the dry bath is big,  enough room to dress in after a shower even with the door shut. it's a 2011 and clean clean. First T/C I've owned with a onboard genset, not  as quiet as a Honda behind a tree 50' away, but a lot more handy and Lisa can start it if I'm not around. I installed airbags on the truck,,2012 Ram 3500 dually,, before I left, the sway bar is next. The only times I noticed some sway was on some of the curves on the Interstate mountain pass's, but I was rolling 65-70mph most of the way home, I normally don't drive that fast with the camper, just wanted to get the trip over. The truck probably would be fine without a bar, but I'm getting it anyways. We like the layout of the 992, the bathroom wall is angled and closes off half the bed area creating almost a complete separate bedroom. I always get up early turn lights on and make coffee, Lisa likes to sleep in. With this layout, I'll close the half partition and she won't be in the shared space that most T/C bed areas have. She can climb over me in the night if she wants to, I sorta like it lol. Looking forward to getting some fishing trips in real soon and start using it. I'll be fab'n up a truss hitch set up so I can pull the boat, its the main reason we wanted to stay around 10' of camper, the boat is 24' and weighs 6400lbs before I add fishing gear, and on the Tuna trips we load 400lbs of ice in the fish holds. Not uncommon to have about 7000lbs behind the truck. Great start to the New Year,,,gregg


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Re: Pulled the trigger on a AF 992
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2018, 06:46:14 AM »
Congratulations it looks fantastic. I'm always surprised at how roomy these are. Safe travels and tight lines🐟
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