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Author Topic: KVH Satellite dish  (Read 478 times)


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KVH Satellite dish
« on: January 23, 2018, 08:30:38 PM »
My new to me FW came with a KVH model R4SL satellite dish.  I have been able (with help) to get my DirecTV receiver to communicate with the dish, but it will not communicate with the satellite.  I have heard no sounds indicating it was even attempting to move to find a signal.

After a call to KVH Tech Service (VERY helpful), he determined there was a problem with the dish which could not be fixed over the phone.  I needed to schedule a visit from a local KVH tech with a computer hookup for their dish to  troubleshoot further.  The cost could be anywhere from ?? to $$$$.

As I see it, my choices are:
1.  Call the local KVH dealer, a local RV dealer to at least see what the service visit would cost  I guess $100 minimum??
2.  My local DTV guy has offered a free dish, requiring manual setup on a tripod.  Cost   --0--
3.  Winegard Crank Up is roof mounted, but fully manual                                    Cost   $366
4.  Winegard Carry Out G2  Portable or roof mount, fully automatic (similar capabilities to my dish now)  Cost  $500
5.  Winegard Trave'ler  Roof mount fully automatic includes HD                            Cost   $1570

# 5 is out, just due to price!!

What are your thoughts?   Is the current satellite dish worth fixing??  I'm not familiar with the brand.
IF I replace it, thoughts on satellite dish brand?
I am handy, but lazy.  How hard is it to set up and adjust the manual dish??
Which would be your choice?
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Re: KVH Satellite dish
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2018, 07:12:36 AM »
If you are trying to use it with an HD DTV box, you have to run both wires from the Sat Dish to a multiswitch then to a power inserter before you connect to the DTV box.

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Re: KVH Satellite dish
« Reply #2 on: January 24, 2018, 01:09:32 PM »
I had an R4SL for 8 years.  It's a good dome-type antenna but bordering on obsolete now, with the many recent changes in satellite broadcasting.  If it hasn't been in recent use, you may find it needs an expensive firmware or even hardware upgrade to find and lock on all the current satellites. I'm not forecasting that - just a "heads up" for a possibility.

Before going too far, get up on the roof and pop the cover off the dome. The innards are fairly simple and you might find a simple problem, mechanical or electrical.  I had the alignment motor go off-track on  mine and it was easy to correct. Seems to me there is a fuse up there too.  Also, are you sure you have power to the roof unit? It usually works off 120v, through a power supply.  It is voltage sensitive too, so if wired direct to the trailer 12v, it may balk if the DC voltage is marginal. It likes 13v better than 12.5!    The R4SL install manual might help.

Frankly, if you want satellite tv, the Winegard open face automatic is the best choice. Yeah, the price hurts. Second choice is the Carryout G2 is 2nd choice and it has the advantage of portability if you park under trees.
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