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Author Topic: Last Florcesent upgraded at last  (Read 428 times)

John From Detroit

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Last Florcesent upgraded at last
« on: February 02, 2018, 05:42:54 PM »
Well got a 5 meter strip of LED's in yesterday so today's job was LED-ing the last of my Thin-light Florcesent.
Removed it from ceiling drilled out rivets and removed sockets and ballast,  (Tubes went out a bit ago I've been using a portable lamp at this location, this is the one over the comptuer table)

Cut and spliced the strip into "Thin light length" pieces  Wired it so all the negative jumeprs are on one end an positive on the other save for two in the middle I needed.  Only had one short I found and cleared. then hooked it up and LIGHT

Lots and Lots of LIGHT, Nice COOL WHITE Light, the kind  I LIke brighter than the Florcesents and lower energy use as well

Happy.. Got the reels of LED's from Amazon.  that's Smile.amazon.com (Using smile instead of WWW means I get to designate a charity and they get a commission).   

The actual item I ordered
Led Light Strip at Amazon

Took a bit of splicing and some jumpers thankfully I have soldering irons and such
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Re: Last Florcesent upgraded at last
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2018, 08:41:11 AM »
Nice job,  I used these instead:


I found that all I needed was some 3m double sticky back tape.  I liked both the leads being on one end,which required no soldering. They can be cut to length.
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