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Today I thought I might launch the bass boat and do some fishing in the bay behind the house. That's when I noticed a couple of seals surfacing. Game over. It's that time of year when seals migrate upriver from SFO Bay. One or two seals will quickly empty all the fish out, either catching them or chasing them away. Waited a while, hoping to catch a seal smashing a fish on the surface (that's how they get at the juicy parts), but didn't get a good shot.

I'm planning to get out on the Sac river for some Striper trolling this week. Hope they're not up this far yet.

Seon, where do you plan to launch/troll?

I normally launched out of Sandy Beach and troll the West Bank, Horseshoe Bend then up towards Old Sac.  Been trolling since '00 but lost my fishing buddy a couple of years ago so haven't been since but it's time to get back on the horse  ;)

For years we launched at Brannan Island SP, and came around the corner under 3 Mile Slough bridge and onto the Sac R. Never did well at Horseshoe Bend. Bought bait at Hap's in Rio Vista and worked from the RV Bridge south, sometimes down to the mothball fleet at Benicia. In addition to stripers, we often fished for and caught sturgeon. Then we'd switch over to the San Joaquin.


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