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Author Topic: Help a newbie: best motorhome to withstand outdoor storage in Alberta (cold/snow  (Read 315 times)


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Looking to buy my first motorhome (used and private sale).  I'm not sure where to start.  2 adults and 2 kids in Alberta where it will be stored outside in the cold and snow.  Trips will be 2 weeks max plus weekend trips. Is there any point considering a Class A? I ask because they are a lot more A's for sale than C's (maybe that says something!).  Seems cheaper to get an older higher end A than a lower end new C.  For example, I can get what looks to be a pristine 1998 Triple E Class A for the same as a mid-2000 Coachmen C. But I understand A's are a lot more expensive to maintain and run.

Are there major construction differences between the lower and higher end models? Is one more prone to leak than another? Or is the difference in internal quality of fixtures? I see some Sunseekers have a different sort of construction overlap on the cab-over portion - is that worth getting over anything else?

Advice appreciated!