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Author Topic: RV will not transfer from Shore to Generator Power  (Read 375 times)


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RV will not transfer from Shore to Generator Power
« on: February 24, 2018, 11:57:29 AM »
Hello Folks, new to the Forum, but long time to RVing!  I trouble shoot most problems that occur on my RV.  I have not failed yet, but the Transfer Switch circuit did give me a huge challenge.  First I have a 2003 Pace Arrow Model 36B made by Fleetwood.  My problem started this way.  We had a power outage due to a storm, I fired up the Generator and after about 5 sec or so, all switched over to Generator Power side.  All systems up and running great.  Then later, the power went off, Gen still running, well, I went out and white 20 Amp Breaker on Gen was tripped.  Reset breaker and all performed great.  After a short time, 20 min, we smelled smoke and discovered the Surge protector for the computer was arcing and sparking.  Then the Power went off, I unplugged and went back out to reset the power on Gen.  Pushed the reset and it tripped immediately and then it reset finally.  Found that I had no power at all coming to the RV from Gen.
Later the Power came back on and all power was restored with Shore Power.  I fired up Gen and still no power coming to RV Circuit Breakers.  I check the Gen output on both outputs and found the Gen was putting out the proper voltage.
When I returned to my Florida Home, I investigated the problem.  I found there is a Delay Transfer Relay, mounted under the Bathroom Sink Wall, that one leg, the 15 amp, may be 10, was not going through relay, the relay would not operate.  discovered the Delay circuit was bad and replace the Relay.  Then I was able to have power to all circuits but the A/C units.  The back air fan would come on but not switch to Compressor.  Lite showed on Shed only.  The Front air would not come on at all, just Shed lite.
Now I know I have two outputs from the Onan Gen, but only 1 relay I have found at this point.  I know there has to be another relay somewhere for the other circuit.  I called Fleetwood and ask where could the second Relay be located.  They had no idea how many relays must less where they were. 
I decided to start tracing wiring.  I went to the Circuit Breaker Box and fount the wires marked Shore and Gen power.  I traced to find they went up under the DC circuit panel that is mounted over the top of the circuit breakers.  I removed the DC Power Board and wala, there was the Transfer Relay, hidden well.  There is only one wiring diagram of the Delay Transfer Relay circuit, none for the Transfer Switch, which is a much larger Relay and provides the 30 amp service.  I want to help other solve this issue with a little more ease than I had.  I was so happy when I found that relay.  The Delay circuit for that relay was bad stopping the relay from operating.  I installed a manual switch to operate the relay after the Gen is running for a period.  I don't mind doing it.  Now I made a video to help others find this relay and give a brief understanding of the Power Transfer Circuit.  Enjoy the Show and I will be producing other helpful video in the future.

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