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Thinking new Jeep. 2018 or 2019? Opinions please. Just purchased!

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So after 10 years of having the 2008 Rubicon I am thinking of selling it and getting a new one. I will probably stay with a JKU, but maybe a Sahara this time around.  The hesitation between the current 18' and new 19' model is that Jeep may be going to electric steering instead of hydraulic like it has now. 

The electric system in the Cherokees has had problems with low speed death wobble when towed 4 down. Not sure I want to roll those dice.  I know the new generation Jeeps will be JL series, but do I want to be a beta tester for a new gen Jeep.  Thoughts? 

That problem with the electric steering could sure turn into a major headache.  Do you know if it is all units, or just some?  If not all, it would seem that they could resolve the issue.   Hmmmmm.

Marty - When I was researching my last vehicle purchase three years ago I read several polls online about customer satisfaction with car manufacturers. Jeep always was at the bottom of every list I read. Then I realized that Jeeps are the most mistreated vehicles ever made so that might have something to do with it. The car I ended up buying was a Hyundai Veloster and it has electric steering. The electric steering is the one of the things I like the best about this car. I much prefer it over hydraulic steering.

Oscar Mike:
Personally I wouldn't purchase a first model year of anything. So, if I was in the market for a Wrangler, I would get the 2019, or I'd wait for the Jeep pick up, four doors and a short bed.

Ernie n Tara:

Ours is a 2012 but it has the new transmission and the V6 engine. No problems in 30, 000 miles and I really like the drive train and lockers (we have a Rubicon with winch bumper and four inch lift). I dont know about the newer Jeeps but I doubt much except cosmetics changed. Do pay attention to the equipped list. For example I don't think the Sahara has lockers and the axles differ as well.



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