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Author Topic: Chev Malibu + Jayco 8ft = ???  (Read 2011 times)


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Chev Malibu + Jayco 8ft = ???
« on: June 06, 2007, 11:34:52 AM »
Hello everybody,

I'm determined to find something light and suitable for my 2001 Chev Malibu.  After looking at the offerings from A-Liner and Chalet, I've given up on them for lack of dealer support in my area, and they seem to be priced too far over a comparably equipped popup.

I'm now looking at an 8ft Jayco 806.  It weighs 1395 lbs, and there is also a Jayco J/Trax that is 1135 lbs.  Both are close to but still over what I believe to be an unrealistically low 1,000 lb towing capacity specified in my owner's manual.  After discussing the situation with a salesperson, I am entertaining the following comprimize -

1/  Adding hydraulic surge brakes to trailer
2/  Adding transmission cooler to vehicle
3/  Staying withiin s/w Ontario (all flatland, no hilly/mountainous areas)
4/  Travel light - two adults, bare necessities for overnight or weekend trip

Realistically, does anyone out there have any experience with this sort of arrangement?  I guess I'm having a hard time understanding why I have grown up watching people tow even bigger campers with everything from AMC Pacers to Dodge Horizons to Plymouth K-Cars and suddenly my mid-size family car with a healthy V6 can't tow a 1400lb popup camper.  Even the Impala is rated at 1,000 lbs.  Is this for real?

BTW Yes I do realize salesmen aren't the best source of unbiased advice when it comes to things like this but this guy is at least trying to work with me on this, which is more than I can say for the rest of the dealers which can't wait to get you out of the showroom the minute they find out you are a low-end RV buyer.  Seems like all anyone wants to sell these days are 5th wheels, but like they say.....you gotta start somewhere, and for me it's going to be small.  :)