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Halibut fishing in 24' Skipjack


Broke Boater:
This was a few weeks ago. Hooked up the Valhalla,, my 24' Skipjack with a custom built Pilothouse that I built on it,, and hit the SF Bay for some Halibut with a couple buddies. Launched out of Richmond at daylight. Fished till noon and the wind machine started up pretty good, so we called it a day with 5 in the box. Got the boat back on the trailer and washed down, on the road before traffic started. Didn't take to many pics this time,,,gregg

So sorry didn't mean to hijack, I thought I started a new thread and I don't see a delete option,,,gregg

Nice job on the pilothouse. What's the preferred rig and bait for halibut in the Bay?

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Broke Boater:
Thank you Sir. We can get live bait,, Anchovies,, or  use what we call popsicles, frozen herring/sardines and troll with a dropper rig using 1 lb wt. Dropper rig is a three way rig tied up to have your wt. hang down about 18" from your main line. Troll the flats in the bay were Halibut lay on the bottom to ambush prey. The Pilothouse was one part of the project on the Skipjack. The boat is fiberglass and I welded up the Pilothouse out of aluminum. Total repower, electrical, deck, upholstery, painted it with Awlgrip marine paint. I bought the hull from a guy for 600. and had to pull it out of the weeds in the back of his property. The boat was close to being hauled to the land fill. Skipjack boats are built pretty well, so it was worth bring back to life. Took a couple years and a good chunk of money. I have had it 60 miles off shore Tuna fishing, lots of Salmon and rock fishing trips. Its been a great platform to fish from. Here's a before and after.

That's a great looking boat!   :))

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Those pics sure tell a story of what can be done to revive an old boat.

Thanks for the info on rigging for halibut. It's been a few years since we fished the Bay, but don't recall going after halibut.


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