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Author Topic: Geocaching  (Read 2083 times)


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« on: June 21, 2018, 03:03:27 PM »
New guy here. I saw the last replies on this forum on Geocaching were in 2007.  We've been geocaching since 2009 and have logged 6500 caches in all states west of the Mississippi.  Most 'cachers' are considerate and take to heart protecting the environment.  There are organized CITO events (Cache In Trash Out) that teams clean up trashed areas.  The previous thread mentioned that it is a sport for more than one.  That is not precisely true.  I enjoy caching with my DW, however we meet many other cachers who are quite happy doing the sport alone.  The say their SO is happy to have them out from under foot! 

As an RVer, you have a terrific opportunity to venture to areas only the local population might know about.  Many of the caches are fun to solve, and many are simply medicine bottles under a rock alongside the road.  It's your choice as to which ones you want to find based on the difficulty of terrain, or difficulty of the hide.  Go to www.geocaching.com and find the tutorial.  It is not necessary to buy any special equipment if you have a smart phone.  Download the free app and you're ready to head out to new adventures.  There is no cost to enroll with Gocaching.com, however for those of us who are major users, there is a premium member category for $30 a year.  That affords several perks, and are generally not important for the casual cacher.

We pair geocaching with square dance, and can do one or the other or both wherever we happen to land.  If you want to ask me a general question, I'll be very happy to respond.  I'm not technically competent about any GPSr other than our own Garmin eTrek and Oregons.
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