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Park in Yuma ?


We stayed last winter at Desert Gold in Brenda, AZ. We also have reservations there for this winter. It's some 15 miles east of Quartzsite. Very nice park, pool and hot tub, paved roads, activities, and inexpensive. We have a small 19' trailer and pickup. We also set up a 12'x12' sun canopy with walls for hobbies. We feel safe leaving "stuff" in the "tent" at Desert Gold when out exploring. These are the important elements we like, although we seldom use the activities provided.

This park is great. The major downside is food shopping. Shopping is marginal in Quartzsite and only a little better in Blyth.

We see that Yuma has a Sprouts which we've found to be a great grocery/organic food store. SO, we'd like to look at some Parks in or around Yuma. There are a lot! If we can identify a few candidates we plan to visit them early this winter and see how they strike us. We'd like to hear from all you about candidate Parks. Thanks in advance.

PS. We're now in Fort Collins and heading west tomorrow. Internet is hit and miss where we tend to stay. We'll check in as we can, but may be hit and miss.


Click the Search button above and limit the search to our Destinations, RV parks & Routes message board. There are a number of recommendations for Yuma.


Thanks for the reply. I have searched this site and found some useful information. I was hoping for some more specific information to the desires I stated.

I also did a Google search and found 59 parks in/around Yuma. A lot to research and too many to go visit in person.

Just trying to thin the list some.



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