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Author Topic: What a day  (Read 1184 times)

John From Detroit

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What a day
« on: June 24, 2007, 06:12:31 PM »
Well , Sat 2pm to Sunday 2pm Eastern time this weekend is Amateur Radio Field Day or rather was.  What a day, Took my Damon up to the FD site, pulled the main Ham rig out and hooked it to a very nice 80 meter dipole,  man that radio works good with a proper diet!!  Made a lot of contacts and I'm not a contester, I did not plan on operating at all, just logging and providing power

Lots of power

Took down and just got home.... Few issues though

1: ABS light on, warning to check ABS

2: Cruise control... Not working

Finally on the way home another alarm started sounding.... Figured that one out (Pushed button, started generator and soon as the Inverter switched from sucking power out of the batteries to pushing it back in the low-voltage alarm stopped)
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