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Source for telescoping aluminum mast

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In anticipation of a cellular booster install I am starting the search for a tool-less telescoping aluminum mast. I am thinking about one with an extended length of about 30' - this would give me about 25' over the roofline after allowing for attachment. The plan is to use standoffs to mount to the ladder. After doing some searching I haven't found what I'm looking for. If anyone can point me to a supplier it would be appreciated. Thanks.

Larry N.:
There are numerous toolless flag poles made for RVing. I use one for the sensor set on my weather station.

I bought a telescoping flag pole from Harbor Freight. I was going to use it on the coach but instead it's been put to work at home.
It's sturdy even when fully extended, and has held up to the 50/60mph gusts that we had recently.


Bill and Debbie:
I second the Harbor Freight alum pole. I secure mine to the side of the rig using 150lb suctions also purchased at HF

Silly me, guess I should have been searching for a flag pole to mount my antenna. I'll be back for sources to mount my flag  ;)


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