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Author Topic: Time to hang up the keys on our 2005 Itasca Horizon (40AD floorplan) soon  (Read 382 times)

John Canfield

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We've lived a dream in our Horizon for 14 years and about 117,000 miles but we're ready to drop anchor and stay at our ranch year round. Creating this message is very difficult - our Horizon is literally part of the family and has been the means to travel and see and do things that would not be possible (or feasible) otherwise. And father time is catching up with us, dear wife and I always seem to be going to see a doctor for one thing or another.

I have extensively upgraded it literally since it was brand new and it's well maintained (follow the link in my signature for details.) It has one problem I haven't addressed, #2 basement air compressor is noisy (it has two compressors.) It works but I have no idea why it should make so much noise. I recently dropped the basement air unit and replaced all capacitors and lubricated the fan motor bearings, that's when I determined the compressor was indeed working okay. Coleman-Mach (RVP) does not sell an entire replacement unit of this particular model or I would have changed the entire unit out but a replacement compressor is available for about $450. There's a fairly new roof air unit I added about a year ago that provides extra cooling for hot climates.

If you are a amateur radio operator there is a Tarheel HP100A vertical antenna (3.2 to 29 MHz) on the roof with the remote lift and lay mount - push one button to raise it and another to lower. It works quite well (for a vertical antenna) with the large sheet aluminum counterpoise on the roof under the antenna.

So if anybody is thinking about buying a used Class A pusher in the next couple of months (or even late summer), send me a PM and we can discuss in detail. I have no idea about price, primarily we are interested in seeing the Horizon going to the right home.
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