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Author Topic: 2009 fleetwood evolution e4 water heater and fridge problems  (Read 1226 times)


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I am new as of 5 minutes ago, so forgive if I am posting in the wrong place. Last fall I purchased a 2009 fleetwood evolution e4 pop up camper. I have ran into tons of problems in my short ownership. When I winterized it everything worked. This spring/summer I got it ready to go camping and unfortunately the hot water heater won't work. We weren't using the shower this trip so I ignored it. I also bought 2 new batteries and took off camping. Before bed I turned on the heater. It started but then quickly stopped when it didn't ignite. It told me my low voltage. I frantically turned all the lights off as well as the fridge. Jump started the batteries with the truck and reset the heater/pulled fuses etc until it lite.  No issue and heater worked fantastic. I then turned the fridge back on right after getting the heater going. To my dismay the fridge wouldn't ignite. I let the batteries charge some more and tried again but still nothing. It currently flashes red light when gas is selected.  Interestingly enough it runs fine on battery. I can't figure out why it won't lite in the presence of enough voltage.  Is there a reset on the fridge? I pulled the fuse and battry power with no success. Is there a different issue? The fridge is a 3way dometic fridge model  RM 8551

While looking into this I decided to look into the hot water heater. I don't hear/smell gas. I followed the short line and didn't see any kinks in the tubing. My stove/heater work so I have gas however they are on separate lines. Is there air in this particular line? How do I bleed the lines? Also i dont hear a clicking sound of the igniter. Will it attempt to ignite even if there isn't gas present? I was thinking back to when i replaced the batteries and i crossed the lines and sparks flew everywhere! (Color coded backwards for some reason....) in that process i blew a fuse which i replaced. Would that have any bearing on the hot water heater? Blew a control board or something? I am at a loss. The water heater is a suburban sw6d- gas only. 

Rv places are over a month out and i am suppose to go camping for my wife's bday in a couple weeks. Any thoughts?  Thanks!

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Re: 2009 fleetwood evolution e4 water heater and fridge problems
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2019, 09:35:08 PM »
Yes, the water heater will attempt to light - it doesn't know the gas isn't actually flowing. However, it will quickly detect the failure to light and shut off the gas valve thereafter. Nor will it attempt to relight after that until a reset occurs.  To reset it, you have to switch the heater DC power off & on again.

You can download the manual for your SW6D at https://olivertraveltrailers.com/wp-content/uploads/oliver-university/Component_Manuals/Water_Heater/Suburban_Gas_Water_Heater_Manual.pdf

And the fridge manual at https://cdn.ltvdns.com/leisurevans.com/owners/3rdparty/Dometic-Refrigerator.pdf
The flashing led in gas mode simply means the gas flame did not ignite. Like the water heater, the fridge has a flame detector and it will shut the  gas off if it does not see successful ignition. Turn the fridge off and back on again to re-try.
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Re: 2009 fleetwood evolution e4 water heater and fridge problems
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2019, 08:00:19 AM »
The "reset" on any of the propane fired appliances is simply to shut it off and then turn it back on. It may take quite a few tries to get either one to light initially if there is air in the lines. There is no need to bleed the lines in most cases. Lighting the stove and letting it burn will sometimes help in clearing any air from the lines as a stove is not nearly as fussy as the other appliances regarding trapped air.
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