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Author Topic: TV Color "Pinkish" on Cable & DVD - Perfect Color on OTA and HDMI Firestick  (Read 1255 times)


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Any suggestions please?
Thank you!
Craig Baker


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Sorry to say, usually when things like this happen to me, it is a sign and the time to go buy a new TV.  Sounds like a board is going bad.
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John From Detroit

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There are two possible answers..  Spencer gave you the more likely one but back in the old day  of NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) the nickname among professionals for NTSC was Never Twice The Same Color.   The reason for this, in part, is that each STATION adjusted the color a bit.   So if you were in Florida (As an example) people appeared to be well tanned. but if you were in Wisconsin. more pink, less brown. (lighter less tanned).

Being male. and colorblindness being a sex linked trait. I can not attest to that.
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Larry N.

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If your cable and DVD go through a component video connection (red, green, blue wires) it's possible that one or more of the wires are connected to the wrong plug. If it were just cable TV I'd say John's explanation might be right, but the DVD should have proper colors, since the OTA and Firestick are fine. Or maybe you've got the DVD connected via the RF cable -- that might make John's suggestion right.
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Lou Schneider

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In line with using the RF input for Cable and DVD, pull up the Picture menu while watching one of those sources.

If they're using NTSC (analog) signals, you may see a Tint control that will let you adjust the color balance on that source.

Over The Air broadcasts and SOME cable channels are digital, as is the HDMI Firestick.  These may not have a Tint control on their Picture menu.

Digital OTA and Analog NTSC signals can co-exist on the same RF cable.

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