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Author Topic: Alaska by Van - More Pics  (Read 1497 times)

Len and Jo

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Alaska by Van - More Pics
« on: August 05, 2007, 07:51:15 PM »

I pulled together nine more photo's that might be of interest from our 2003 Alaska trip.  You might consider adding them to the "Len & Jo's Alaska Trip via Van" picture file.

Bear on Cassiar Hwy:  As we drove along the Cassiar Hwy we saw several bears along the side of the road.  As we approached they would run off into the brush or run parallel to the road and then off into the brush.  Could see them but never long enough to get a good picture.   We saw this bear along the road ahead of us so that we could slow down before getting to him and we hoped not to spook him.  As we pulled along side he did not run off into the woods but instead turned and came straight at us.  We were the ones spooked and rapidly drove off.

Dawson City:  It was a very small town with dirt roads.  The Downtown hotel though has a very nice veranda off the back for dinning and that is where we celebrated our wedding anniversary with a good dinner.

Effects of melting permafrost:  Several buildings in Dawson City were sinking into the ground.  They were not designed so that air could circulate between them and the ground.  The result was that the heat given off by the structure slowly over the years melted the permafrost that was supporting it.

Eagle near Haines:  We took the Alaska Marine Hwy from Skagway to Haines and then camped about 7 miles north east of Haines in the Tongess National Forest along the Chilkoot Inlet.  There was a deer carcass on the inlets shore that several eagles were feeding on.  So we had plenty of time to get a good photograph of one.

Harbor Seals at Meares:  We took a day cruise out of Valdez to see wildlife and glaciers.

Jo at Exit Glacier:  On the trip there were several glaciers that one could walk up to.

Jo cooking lunch at Racing River:   As we crossed the Racing River (in B.C. on the Alaska Hwy between Liard River and Fort Nelson) we found a small wooded area to the left of the bridge were many people have pulled of.  Looked like a good place to make lunch.

Top of the World Hwy:  We took the gravel highways 5 (US) and 9 (Canada) from Tok to Dawson City.  The view from the highway was beautiful IF you don’t mind heights.  We did come across a jeep that had broken an axle.  Several ‘kids’ probably driving to fast, they had to turn into the roadside ditch (other choice was go over the edge) to avoid an on coming vehicle at blind turn in the road.  Everyone was OK and another vehicle had already stopped was getting them help.  That, with the road side drop off, convinced Joanne that was a road she DID NOT want to be on.

Welcome To Alaska:  Saw one of these signs both when we first got to Alaska and along the ‘Top of the World’ hwy as we left.

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Re: Alaska by Van - More Pics
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2007, 08:02:25 PM »
Will do Len, thanks. For folks who have not looked at that Photo album in our gallery, here it is. That was some trip Len!

Edit: Uploaded the additional photos.
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