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How Much Value is There With Cellular Boosters Thes Days?

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I ask this question because when we started RV'ing a few years ago we considered getting  WeBoost RV cellular booster as it was not uncommon to have poor cell service even with my Verizon service.  We have dragged our feet on getting and installing a cellular booster and now find over time we have in our travels gotten mostly good, often times excellent and fewer poor cell service.  Even my wife has gotten mostly decent service with her TMobile plan.  When service has been less than optimal, it seems more often than not it is a result of crowded cell towers rather than a strong signal.  Considering a cell booster will not help with log jams in cell towers, I am wondering if cell boosters are not as necessary as they once were.

My take is they are less useful than they once were, but still provide benefit in some fringe locations, of course if there is no signal to boost, or signal is blocked by being in a canyon, etc. it does not good.

We're still finding deep fringe areas from time to time where our Maximum Signal Max Amp RV booster makes the difference between no signal and a usable signal. As the carriers have expanded coverage though, that happens less often than it used to. I'm really looking forward to Starlink's LEO Internet service that should give us good service anywhere we can see the sky.

We have been running boosters and repeaters (actually different animals) for the last 15 years.  They always help.  We have managed to find truly dead locations, but that takes some doing.  Of my several installations (with changes of band -1X, 2, 3G and 4G, I have found that one of the big factors was the antenna external to the coach.  Don't buy the hype or the look, read the performance numbers.  I suspect I will be upgrading in the near future to accommodate 5G.  There are lots of advantages to have a good antenna, lots of height and some gain both ways.  In old ham talk, "If you can't hear him, you can't work him."


Yep, I concur with what Matt said. A cell booster can help you hit a distant tower, which I still manage to find in the places we like to go. But it doesn't matter much if you can't "hear" the reply from the tower.  Given the two choices I would probably say that the exterior antenna and more value than the booster.

Even in a crowded RV park I can put up my antenna on my 5' mast and get over the "noise" generated by the dozen's of Hotspots surrounding me.  Doing a Speedtest I can often double my download speed by just raising the antenna on the mast.


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