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WiFi Ranger Spruce router in and load balancing, eq. cabinet getting full


Yesterday I received my Spruce router, and this morning I got it installed and set up.

I wanted a router with 2 Ethernet WAN ports, one each for my 2 ZTE MF279 routers. One is set up on AT&T, the other is an AT&T branded one that I unlocked and set up on Google Fi. Google Fi uses T-Mobile, so I have carrier redundancy.

I also needed at least 2 LAN Ethernet ports, on for the Sunstar's Dell PC, and one for the Dish Wally.

With Docj's assistance, I was able to get all of that going.

Here's a pic of the cabinet, with AC and DC distribution, the Wally, and its DVR hard drive, the computer (exposed side covered with drawer felt because it rubs against the cabinet door), the GPS for Street Atlas on the computer, the 2 cell routers, the Spruce router, and the Batphone. Between the Spruce and the Wally standing vertically is the wireless headphone transmitter for the TV.

The white box is the 2 to 1 phone line combiner I built.

Both cell SIMs are voice/text/data, so I installed a 2 line POTS phone. The last couple of outings we have had AT&T for Internet, but Verizon was pretty bad. Now we have 2 more ways to call if needed.

I should also be able to add a third WAN via WiFi if needed, either one of our Verizon phones, or campground WiFi.


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